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Mr. and Mrs. DeBusk

The DECATS program was originated by a woman to whom we owe much, Dr. Diane Cooper in Dallas, TX. The DeBusk Foundation was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Manuel DeBusk on March 5, 1979, in Dallas, TX., and the DeBusk Foundation continues to provide grants to carry out the DECATS program each year. It was founded to serve the academically talented students in the Dallas area. However, things have changed since their origin. One of the major changes is that DECATS has spread to other locations in the state. Our location for 2024 is Epiphany of the Lord Catholic School,  in Katy, TX. 


Every day, scholars are challenged, entertained, and interact with one another to achieve the course objectives. DECATS participants are students from third through sixth grade from area Catholic schools. The whole program runs from 9:00 a.m.-3:10 p.m. Monday through Friday for three weeks in the summer. DECATS is not a school,  scholars (students) take part in rigorous courses (classes). Instead of teachers, we have very skilled mentors.

There is a parent/scholar/mentor orientation that occurs the Saturday before DECATS to introduce everyone to each other and scholars receive their schedule. A grand closing celebration takes place on the last day of DECATS to show off all of the scholars' hard work.

Scholars choose three courses to take during the three weeks. A fourth course, Perspectives, is automatically chosen depending on how many years the scholar has been to DECATS. Courses fall into the categories of literature, drama, creative writing, journalism, social studies, religion, mathematics, science, technology, art, music, and problem-solving.


Scholars wear casual clothes and, on Tuesday and Thursday, everyone wears their DECATS t-shirt. Since DECATS is not "school," there is no homework. Everyone brings his or her lunch every day (except on the last day of the program when dismissal is midday).

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